About Rock Steady Boxing Franklin

Rock Steady Boxing is the first-of-its-kind exercise program for those suffering from PD. Our program incorporates non-contact boxing using equipment such as the heavy bag, speed bag, hand pads (worn by an instructor), ropes, gait ladder and much more. Clients will discover that their activities of daily living become easier due to the intense exercise of the boxing class. Each class will focus on gross motor movement, rhythm, core strength, balance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. This, in turn, improves flexibility, range of motion, gait, posture- all serious issues for patients with Parkinson ’s disease.

Prior to joining the class, participants will meet with Colleen for an assessment. This will allow Colleen to determine the participants’ fitness level and design the best program for them based on their unique Parkinson’s symptoms.
Colleen is an NSCA certified personal trainer. She has been working with clients suffering from neurological diseases for the past 15 years. Colleen’s clients thoroughly enjoy the challenge that boxing brings to their exercise program in addition to the camaraderie and support they gain.
No boxing experience is required and people of all ages are invited to participate! Caretakers are welcome as well!